Most people haven’t got a clue what a revolution autonomous cars bring. The biggest change isn’t that the driver/operator doesn’t have to steer and negotiate traffic, the biggest change is that the car will come to you. Anytime, within a few minutes. Without you having to own a car. Without you ever again parking a car or taking it in for service.

The real revolution is that we are moving to a world where people stop buying cars and instead we will all be subscribing to car services. While it will bring huge changes for the automotive manufacturers the area to invest in is the subscription services. Companies like Uber and Lyft are perfectly tooled for signing up the public to these new transportation services. The current drivers for these services don’t understand which revolution they are already part of or that they are going to be victims in this paradigm shift.

As industries shift on their foundations there will be many new winners, including the analytic companies that will make it possible to predict and match clients to vehicles, vehicles to routes, and routes to services along the way; “Please take me from Home to my Office, and please stop at Starbucks on the way. Pre-order a Latte please!”