image Argh, I got a parking ticket at University of Washington. It turns out that a 600 LBS motorcycle is in fact a bicycle in the minds of the academics at UW. I had paid the parking fee and since my bike is of the bulky sort I parked it in a car spot (which I would have done even if I arrived on a scooter, since an MC is considered a fully worthy vehicle everywhere else). However I didn’t read the fine print on the parking tag which said that motorcycles should park at the bicycle parking.

Hmm, who would have thought? In fact, there was a bicycle parking just outside the building I was visiting. If I had parked there I would have saved myself a walk in the rain, and a parking ticket. Since my bike is longer and taller than a small car, while a tad narrower, I would have had the satisfaction of feeling really naughty to park in a bicycle spot.

The good news? The fine is $10. I will pay it with a smile, while thinking "you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate irony".