…my picture that is…
Google street view of Håkan Söderbom

You may have heard about my surprise when I discovered that I was captured by Google Street View outside my house in Redmond, WA. In fact, it was slightly embarrassing since I am caught power-washing my BMW R1200 GS Adventure – a bike which is only supposed be cleaned by being ridden in rain, or so the ADV crowd claims.

So dream of my surprise when I discover that I have been caught on NSA’s spy cameras from outer space! Check me out in the pool in below!

(click the image for a closer view)
ESRI image of Håkan Söderbom

Well, it is not quite NSA, but let the conspiracy theories spread!

While not as remarkable as a satellite picture from outer space it is still quite amazing; This image can be found at the Maricopa County GIS (Geospacial information system) website. This time both Kay and I are caught from the air while lounging in the pool at our Scottsdale home. You can see me stretched out on the pool float while Kay is hanging off the side. The position of the sun and the configuration of our deck furniture indicate this was taken mid-morning in December 2013.

How likely is that?